One on One Meditation Coaching

As a certified Insight (Vipassana) Meditation Teacher, my focus is one on one, custom tailored, meditation and mindfulness coaching. I want to hear what your strengths are and where you are finding your greatest challenges. Working collaboratively, we can explore many meditation techniques and teachings to find what works for who you are and where you are on the journey.

My areas of personal experience and skills are related to managing work stress, chronic pain, and anxiety.

Bringing meditation and mindfulness to daily life.

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There are many benefits of meditation:

Physical – reduced stress, decrease in the symptoms of anxiety or depression, improve the length or quality of your sleep

Mental – sharper concentration, calmer mind, greater thinking capacity, clearer thinking

Emotional – experiencing life more evenly and consciously, less reactive to the ups and downs, to respond to people or situations with a wiser, softer perspective 

The one on one meditation coaching sessions are a mix of identifying goals, talking thru successes (finding what works and doing more of that) identifying any challenges (well, that didn’t work) and tweaking strategies (to get back to what works). We would close our session with a meditation practice. 

This powerful combination of one on one sessions, the daily life practice of the skills and a regular meditation time will fuel you toward living the life you desire, this wonderful life you are creating with each beautiful breath.